3 Misconceptions People Have About Real Estate Wholesalers in Las Vegas

Many believe that the two options for selling real estate are to sell it by owner (FSBO) or to list it for sale through a real estate agent. However, wholesalers offer another option. Personal preferences, unforeseen circumstances or the condition of the home may mean that listing the home on the Las Vegas property market is not the best option. Wholesalers work with these owners and offer a completely transparent process that is quick and easy to meet their needs and resolve their issues.

Many sellers would rather avoid the hassle of the listing process, especially the experience of being kicked out of your home during viewings or open houses. For some, a family illness or an unexpected transfer from work has forced them to relocate and the purchase of their next home is dependent on the sale of their existing home. Others are uncomfortable with pictures and video tours of the interiors of their homes and personal belongings available to the world on the Internet. Finally, many sellers are unable or unwilling to do the home repairs required to maximize the profits. Whatever your situation, read on as we review three misconceptions people have about real estate wholesalers in Las Vegas

Shady Tactics

One of the misconceptions people have about Las Vegas real estate wholesalers is that they are scamming home sellers when the opposite is true. The reality is that wholesalers like Peace Home Offers will expose the details of each number used to reach our offer and then compare it to the reality of the property listing so that you can make a plausible comparison and decide which number is the best for your situation. You see wholesalers like [business] are your neighbors here in [market] and we understand the process, numbers and costs involved because we want you to be comfortable with the business long after you leave the closing table.

Hidden Costs

Another misconception about real estate wholesalers in Las Vegas is that once you sit at the closing table, hidden costs will eat into your profits. Wholesalers like Peace Home Offers believe you shouldn’t pay out of pocket to sell your home. You pay no commissions or closing costs, and there are no hidden fees waiting for you to eat away at your winnings at closing. The cash offer from a wholesaler at Peace Home Offers is the amount you leave after closing.

Hidden Disadvantage

Another misconception people have about Las Vegas real estate wholesalers is that the scheme only benefits the wholesaler. Rather, the benefits that wholesalers such as Peace Home Offers offer to home sellers are many, for example, taking over homes from owners who risk destroying their creditworthiness because they cannot sell. Additionally, if you fear the inspection stage of the sale, a wholesaler Peace Home Offers will take the risk of the repair, eliminating any legal risks of disclosure laws that can bite sellers. Another benefit for sellers is the flexibility to close with Peace Home Offers on the date that is most convenient for your plans.

Find out for yourself by talking to one of the highly experienced and caring Peace Home Offers team members who will dispel your misconceptions about Las Vegas real estate wholesalers. In Peace Home Offers you are central; for this you will notice that we stop everything and listen carefully to your concerns and answer your questions without obligation. At Peace Home Offers we are here to help you overcome the obstacles you encounter when selling your property and guide you step by step through the process, with no surprises. Call Peace Home Offers at (702) 623-8705.

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