Do You Have Expired Listings in Nevada

Do You Have Expired Listings in Nevada?

Expired listing in Las Vegas? Las Vegas real estate is still considered one of the hottest markets, as well as Henderson, Summerlin, and even Pahrump.
Single-family houses, multi-family houses, and condos all tend to sell quickly.
However, there are people who list their Las Vegas homes for sale and market them without selling them and expired off the market.

Let’s agree that the listing process is expensive and exhausting; paying a real estate professional to get your house sold is the least of your worries. Let’s not forget about the time, money, and effort you need to invest in your house & repairs with no guarantee that you’ll get a good return on that time and money. After all the visits with realtors and buyers, and the negotiation process; all these hassles when you list your house, and you still might not be able to sell afterward.

Should you list it again?

What if you went through all of this and your house is now an “expired listing”? Well for one, your contact info will now be available for every realtor in the state to call you and try to get you into another listing agreement. This gets you more lost time and more headaches while you wait for the buyer to do a walkthrough, negotiate AGAIN, and then wait for appraisals and lender approval. How disappointing!

Ah, but maybe you think “How can I sell my house fast without listing, How to sell my house fast, or how to get cash for my house?”

If you have an expired listing in Las Vegas, you might think to give it another try. You may be working with a rockstar new Vegas realtor who may have a different approach than the first. They plan to hire a professional photographer to showcase your assets from a new perspective. That is if you don’t mind spending the money first. Maybe make some upgrades that you noticed were sticking points to potential buyers in the past. Waiting for a buyer for months and then going back to square one might not be fun, but luckily there are plenty of other options.

Is renting out the house an option?

It could be an option. If you have an expired listing in Las Vegas, it might not be the right time to sell your home. Check the local rental market before making listing agreement commitments. Do you need to check how much a house costs to rent? What is the vacancy rate? Is the area walkable or desirable to tenants? Not everyone can handle being a landlord, so choose wisely. Do you want to be called at 2 am with a disgruntled tenant wanting their toilet repaired? You could hire a property management company to help you, however, they usually charge about 10% of the monthly rent. And in our experience, it still isn’t a “set it and forget it” situation. You have to manage the manager. 

If you don’t need money right away, sure, you can rent a house for a year or two. Then you can take a closer look at the real estate market and hope you have a better opportunity to sell at a later time.

Did you try Owner Financing?

Many people want to buy a home, but it’s possible that some innocent factor has lowered their credit score or made their debt-to-income ratio too high. They may have experienced fraud that lowered their credit score. Maybe they had to spend their down payment savings on sudden expenses. It’s possible they are self-employed and have too many tax write-offs showing their income to be too low. There are many great, financially responsible people who would love the opportunity to own a home. By offering them owner financing, you can sell your home for the asking price and help someone achieve their dream of owning a home in Las Vegas. This is perfect for homeowners who don’t need the full sale amount upfront. (Could also, in some cases, reduce your taxes as you don’t receive the income as one lump sum). These contracts usually last for 2-3 years, at which time, the buyer should get their credit in order, become eligible for traditional financing, and pay off the full amount for the property. Maybe we could lease it from you? Ask us how!

Can you wait?

Even if this isn’t the answer you’re looking for, sometimes it’s best to wait for the market in your area to improve. The problem with waiting is that you may miss an opportunity if the market goes down and wind up losing lots of money. In the end, you may have to continue living in a home that doesn’t suit your needs or lifestyle, and that’s no fun.

Sell It Directly.

Selling your home directly to a professional buyer like Peace Home Offers allows you to sell your home quickly with no extra costs or waiting around. You will experience a simple, hassle-free selling experience that gives you almost instant income. Best of all, you don’t have to pay commissions or closing costs that eat into the profits of traditional real estate sales. Our process costs nothing out-of-pocket and you can put money in your pocket right away!

Better With Peace Home Offers:

If you have an expired listing in Las Vegas or in Nevada in general, contact us at (702) 623-8705 or Click Here to find out how we can help! We make fair and direct offers on homes in and around Las Vegas. We can help you sell the house you don’t want so you can get on with your life!

Dealing with expired Las Vegas listings? We are here to help you with a quick, fair, and simple solution! Easy as 1-2-3! 

This article is meant for informational purposes only and is not intended to be construed as financial, tax, legal, real estate, insurance, or investment advice. Peace Home Offers encourages you to reach out to an advisor regarding your own situation. Please consult with your advisor when making legal or financial decisions.

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