Get Out of Mortgage Debt Now: Sell to An Investor with a “Sub-To” Option


Are you in a difficult financial situation due to job loss and stressed out over mortgage debt? Do you want to simplify your finances and get rid of mortgage debt as soon as possible? If yes, consider selling your home to an investor with a “sub-to” option. This strategy can help you get out of mortgage debt quickly and simplify your finances for good. In this blog post, we’ll explore the details of this strategy and the pros and cons associated with it. Read on to learn more about the “sub-to” option and how it can help you get out of mortgage debt!

The Dilemma

Imagine you’re a homeowner that purchased a house recently using a traditional loan. You’ve been living in the house for the last year, and everything is going great. Suddenly, you lose your job to unforeseen circumstances, and you no longer have the income to make those mortgage payments. To add insult to injury, you haven’t been living in the house long enough to have built any equity, worse yet, the market has dropped, and the house isn’t worth what you paid for it. It’s a grim picture to say the least, yet thousands of people find themselves in this exact situation every year.

The Solution: Selling to an Investor with a “Sub-To” Option

What can you do? If you try to sell your house the traditional way, it could take months of sitting on the market. Your buyer must qualify for a loan to pay off your loan with appraisals and inspections, walkthroughs etc. No one but the banks are winning here. And at the end of it all you might have to come out-of-pocket not only to make repairs but to pay the commission of the realtor. You will need to pay money to sell your property when you already are getting behind on your mortgage payment and simply don’t have the money to spare. If you’re selling your house for example, for $300,000, then you might have to pay for repairs plus 6% in realtor commissions. That’s $18,000 out of your pocket. Yikes!

“Your buyer must qualify for a loan to pay off your loan with appraisals and inspections, walkthroughs etc. No one but the banks are winning here. “

But there is an easier way. In comes your investor with a sub-to option. What does sub-to or “subject-to” mean? In short, it means that the investor will simply take over your mortgage payments (subject to the existing loan). Many times, they will also pay off your back payments to bring you current (arrears). In some cases, they will even be willing to give you a little pocket money to get yourself moved, however it will depend on the bigger picture, such as how much you owe in arrears, how much or little equity you do have and the condition of the property.

“subject to the existing loan”

Since there are no inspections, appraisals, walkthroughs, or loan approvals, these can usually close quickly. The loan payments will go through a professional servicing company who will send the payments every month directly to the bank. Hassle free.


As will all things, you shouldn’t just jump into something like this without consulting the proper professionals. At Peace Home Offers, we can walk you through all the potential options you might have at your disposal and with no obligation. Contact Us for a free consultation. See for yourself why our motto is “Offering Sellers Peace of Mind”.

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